Internet Outage: Book Promotion in the Dark Ages

Our internet went out the other night. Well, it wasn’t just our internet, it was all of our internet service provider’s clients in southern Ontario and eastern Canada and because of the vastness of the outage, I started to wonder if we were dealing with a cyber terrorist attack, you know, like they keep talking about in movies and novels and even sometimes on CNN.

After the initial realization that our internet could be down for quite a while, I started to think of how we did things “in the old days” and how much the internet has changed our lives.

Because of the internet and the opportunities it provided and the connections we made online, we moved to the UK and back to Canada again sorting out houses and jobs in both directions, travelled extensively, and made friends throughout the world, many of whom we’ve actually met “offline.” My daughters even met their husbands because of the internet.

The internet has also opened up opportunities for me, and many many others, to start businesses as virtual assistants, web designers, and a host of other related businesses.

But think for a moment about how the internet has changed the world for authors.

No internet = no Amazon, no BookBaby, no Smashwords. Of course, this is only a sampling of the online book retailers. And, obviously if there was no Amazon, there would be no Kindle. I’m using that as an example but I’m sure you get the picture – no e-books or need for e-readers, at least not how we know e-books to be now as an available alternative to almost any hard copy book.

No internet = no blogs, Facebook, or Twitter (or the million other social media marketing tools that are out there.) Imagine how much smaller the market becomes for a self-published author trying to sell his/her book without these online tools. Imagine how difficult it would be to create an author platform and network with potential readers for your book and to learn about self-publishing and marketing in the first place if not for the internet.

I can’t really think of one negative when it comes to authors using the internet to promote their work.

But, fear not. Our internet service resumed after a few hours and there hadn’t been a cyber terrorist attack, just a malfunction of some damaged equipment owned by our ISP apparently. All is well and authors can continue to explore all the amazing options and opportunities available to them in cyberspace!

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