5 Sites for Crime Writers

5 Sites for Crime Writers offers five websites containing links and resources for crime writers.

Last week I wrote about how to find story ideas from real life incidents. Today I’d like to share some crime and law enforcement sites with you.

If you’re writing a story that involves a crime, criminals and/or police procedure and you don’t have a reliable contact willing to answer your questions, and attention to details is something important to you (it should be), then the five sites below may be helpful to you:

  1. Law Enforcement Resources
  2. Officer.com
  3. Crime Spider
  4. National Archive for Criminal Justice Data
  5. The Writers’ Forensics Blog

These sites offer a wide variety of resources including an Ask a Cop forum, unsolved crimes, how to get a job as a police officer and much much more. But I’ll warn you, there’s so many interesting links in these sites that you could spend a lot of time roaming around them and completely lose track of time.

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