Canva: Let’s Get Visual!

Canva: Let’s Get Visual! introduces Canva as an easy-to-use graphics design site and why authors should use it for visual content on social media.

As you may recall in my post last week, Twitter: Let’s Get Visual!, I discussed why you should use visual content for Twitter and other social media content and promised to review a few options for producing graphical content. Today, I’d like to tell you about Canva.

Canva is a great site for designing custom graphics that you can use not only on Twitter but on other social media sites, offline reports and presentations, blog posts, and much more.

Easy to Use

Canva is very easy to use. If you can drag, drop and click with your computer mouse, you can design great graphics using Canva.

To Start Using Canva

  1. Sign up for an account or log in with Facebook.
  2. While a confirmation email is sent to your email address, you’ll have the option of watching a 23 second long demo video. Watch it. After all, it’s only 23 seconds long and most of us have an attention span that long still, don’t we?
  3. After the video concludes, you’re given the opportunity to try it out yourself and they provide several exercises to get you started. If you need help, click on the Hint button.

Premium images are watermarked and cost $1. All other images are free to use and there is a great selection.

Canva Design Graphic Options

  • Album / podcast covers 1400 pixels by 1400 pixels
  • Social media 800 pixels x 800 pixels
  • Presentations 1024 pixels x 768 pixels
  • Posters 42 centimetres x 59.4 centimetres
  • Facebook covers 851 pixels by 315 pixels
  • Facebook posts 940 pixels by 780 pixels
  • Blog graphics 800 pixels x 1200 pixels
  • Custom sized graphics in dimensions of your choice in either pixels, millimetres or inches

Canva Design Menu Options

  • Various design elements from the Search menu including:
    • lines
    • banners
    • shapes
    • text holders
    • frames
    • stickers
    • arrows
    • grids
    • speech bubbles
    • and much more
  • Numerous layouts from the Layouts menu
  • A huge assortment of text designs from the Text menu
  • Colours and/or textures from the Background menu

You can also upload your own images to use or you can buy from the premium selection of design elements offered by Canva for only $1 each.

Ways to Customize Canva Designs

  • replace the sample text with your own
  • change fonts
  • change font colours
  • change backgrounds
  • change background colours
  • upload your own photos

Canva will autosave your design.
The mountains are yearningx500

Made with Canva

Sharing Your Canva Designs

  • Share it on Twitter using the button provided at the top of the page
  • Share it on Facebook using the button provided at the top of the page
  • Click on Download or Link and:
    • Link to your design using the link they provide
    • Publish your design as an image
    • Publish your design as a PDF

When you publish your design, it’s downloaded to your machine.

Canva is fun to work with and the results can look very impressive with little skill or effort.

For More Information about Canva

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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