Writers Stack Exchange: A Great Resource for Writers, Editors, Reviewers and Publishers

Writers Stack Exchange: A Great Resource for Writers, Editors, Reviewers and Publishers explains how Writers Stack Exchange works and why authors, editors, reviewers and publishers might want to use it.

Stack Exchange started out as an online community for computer software developers, a place where they could ask questions and get answers to technical issues.

It was a huge success, so they decided to try creating other communities on other topics and now there are in excess of 125 Stack Exchange sites covering specific topics in Business, Professional, Life/Arts, Science, Culture/Recreation, and Technology.

New Stack Exchange sites must go through a number of steps. Area 51 is the staging area where new sites are proposed, discussed and, if there’s enough interest, go on to beta mode.

Writers Stack Exchange

Writers Stack Exchange is found in the Life/Arts category and is in beta phase. It’s a great resource designed to be used by authors, editors, reviewers, and writers – both professional and aspiring, and it’s a great way to get answers to your questions, share your expertise and gain a reputation as an expert in the industry.

Here’s how it works

  • The site is moderated.
  • Sign up, log in and ask a question. Anybody can ask a question and you can add tags to your questions to make them easier for people to find. Users have profile pages.
  • Anybody can answer a question. There can be multiple answers to a question. You can also comment on your own question or answer to ask for more information, or edit a question or answer to correct mistakes.
  • People can vote for what they think are the best answers. The answers getting the most votes will rise to the top of the answers.
  • The person asking the question can mark the answer they like the most as accepted.

Simple, right?

Asking questions
Questions should be about specific and actual problems pertaining to:

  • Nonfiction writing
  • Technical writing
  • General copywriting
  • Academic writing
  • Poetry
  • Song lyrics
  • Blogging
  • Editing
  • Publishing

The site is not designed to request editing or proofreading services, feedback, or book reviews. The intent of Writers Stack Exchange is not to be a discussion forum but instead to be a place where questions are answered.

You build your reputation with points and badges by participating and being voted for in Writers Stack Exchange. Your reputation signifies the level of trust that users in the community have in you. Question, answer, participation, moderation and tag badges are assigned to your profile page as you reach specific milestones. You can also lose points for having a question or answer voted down or posting SPAM. You can also earn privileges.

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