alphaDictionary: A Great Resource for Writers

alphaDictionary: A Great Resource for Writers reviews a website which offers an extensive dictionaries and other interesting and unique resources for writers.

I like to share resources that are not only interesting, but that are helpful to writers and I think I’ve found a pretty amazing site to tell you about! is sponsored by the Lexiteria Corporation which specializes in translations, custom-created dictionaries and word frequency lists of languages.

The site offers:

  • Language dictionaries for 315 languages including Ojibwe, Sherpa and Swahili
  • Specialty dictionaries for 142 wide-ranging topics including architecture, anthropology, robotics and witchcraft
  • Various “‘nyms” dictionaries (antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, etc.)
  • The Alpha Agora bulletin board where 7320 language-related topics are being discussed
  • A Fun & Games section that includes paraprosdokians, useless Latin phrases, tongue twisters in various languages, and more!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Got a foreign character in your story? Find a word or two in the language dictionaries to make him or her appear authentic if it fits in your story. Describing a house and want to use some architectural lingo, check out the specialty dictionary for that. Need to know how to spell aluminum? (Okay, I just told you!) Check out the various English dictionaries. Or, how about the the Historical Slang dictionary?

You can also subscribe to receive the Good Word of the Day in your mailbox. Never hurts to improve that vocabulary!

So check it out! I’m sure you’ll find something useful and unique on this site! Just click on this link: and have fun!

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