Creating Detailed Character Profiles

Creating Detailed Character Profiles discusses the importance of knowing everything about your characters when you begin a writing project and shares links to character sketches for the characters from The Big Bang Theory TV show as great examples.

Characters are an important part of any novel, sometimes THE important part depending on whether your story is character or plot driven.

In recent months I’ve written a few posts about developing characters for your novel, namely:

In my opinion, it’s important to know everything about your characters when you begin a writing project. (If you disagree and like to develop your characters as you go, please let me know in the comments. I’d be interested in your perspective.) And, today, I thought I’d share some great examples of character sketches that we found over the weekend.

The Big Bang Theory

My husband and I like watching The Big Bang Theory. We love the eccentricities of the characters and the comedy is spot on.

We had company for supper on Saturday night and we were discussing our favourite DVDs, Netflix, and TV shows. One of our guests mentioned how much he enjoyed watching The Big Bang Theory and my husband told him that we had the whole series on DVD. That started a discussion on the trivia associated with the show such as why the elevator is permanently out of order which raised the question about what floor the apartments of Penny, Sheldon and Leonard are on.

My husband whipped out his phone and looked it up. Sheldon Cooper’s Wikipedia page was at the top of the search engine results and all I can say is “Wow!”

Everything you’d want to know about Sheldon Cooper is on that page! Likewise with Leonard Hofstadter, Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali and Penny.

Are your character profiles this detailed? I know mine certainly aren’t but it’s something to strive for.

What do you think? Tell me in the comments.

And, by the way, they live on the fourth floor…

Photo credit: Pixabay

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