A Rose by Any Other Name: How to name a blog

Naming my blog… Ugh! I’ve always felt that I kind of suck at naming things – characters in my novel, children, pets, etc. In fact, when I foster kittens for the SPCA, I don’t usually even try to name them in part due to the sheer number of the fuzzy felines that come and go, but mostly because I struggle to come up with good names for them.

There are many days I’m grateful that my husband came with a name or else he might just be simply known as #1. Don’t read too much into that! I just think that that name has flexibility and its meaning could vary depending on the day!

But when I started this blog, I decided that it needed a name that would stick and one that not only I would remember (I confuse my kids’ names and my dogs’ names all the time!) but one, that hopefully, my readers would remember too.

So I started to research how to name a blog, fired up Google and searched for tips for naming a blog. Overall, it seems that the name for a blog should be:

  • Fairly short
  • Easy to remember
  • Catchy if possible
  • Meaningful and describe your blog

In theory that all seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

Several sites offering help with naming a blog also suggested simply using the domain name. This has merit, but to create my author platform I’ve opted to use my own name for my domain name and that’s not really very catchy for a blog name nor is it really meaningful and descriptive when it comes to the content of my blog. Continue reading “A Rose by Any Other Name: How to name a blog”