Hopper family

Census Records

1851 Agriculture Census

1851 Population Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

Robert Hopper and Catherine Hartley

Death registration of Robert Hooper–possibly Robert Hopper (age, location of birth, etc. correspond)

Children of Robert Hopper and Catherine Hartley

John Hopper

Marriage registration for John Hopper*

James Hopper

Marriage registration for James Hopper*

*John and James married two sisters by the surname Conner/Connor. Their father’s name is Thomas Lloyd Conner/Connor. Perhaps a descendent of Thomas Lloyd, the missing husband of Mary (Crane) Lloyd Storms?

Robert Hopper (Jr.)

Jane (Hopper) Storms

Obituary of Jane (Hopper) Storms

George Stuart Hopper

Death registration of George Stuart Hopper

Margaret Hopper

Other Sources

Hopper graves in Ontario, Canada