First of all, let me say, I salute you! I’ve been writing a novel myself off and on for years so I recognize your accomplishment. It’s often difficult to live your life and keep up with your commitments and achieve your writing dreams.

Selling Your Book is a Business!

Unfortunately, publishing a book is almost never like building the Field of Dreams, i.e. build it and they will come, especially these days with the explosion of self-published books on the market.  Though it’s definitely easier to be a published author now with the relative ease and acceptance of self-publishing, and the fact that the Internet offers many free opportunities to market and promote yourself and your book, taking advantage of those opportunities can take a lot of time and energy.  It’s been estimated that writing the book is about 5% of the effort involved and that the marketing and promotion to let the world know that your book exists, is the other 95% of the overall workload. Most successful self-published authors will tell you that you really need to spend that time and do that work to actually get your book into the hands of readers.  

Your Author Platform

You need to establish your author platform – the sooner the better – and ideally long before you actually publish your book, to create an audience of potential readers and develop a network of other authors and industry professionals who may help you spread the word when it comes time to market and sell your book.

So how do you establish your author platform? Think of a website or blog and Facebook and Twitter accounts, for example, as virtual real estate.  You need to “buy up” as much virtual real estate as you can actively and properly manage to increase your virtual presence, to find that audience and make those industry connections.  You also need to interact with people on forums and through comments on your blog and on other people’s blogs, etc. You want to find those people and connect with them and you want them to be able to easily find you when they type your name into a search engine.  THAT is what an author’s platform is all about.

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