The Times Are a Changin’

Once upon a time if someone wanted to know about your business, they’d reach for their phone books and let their fingers do the walking, find your listing in the Yellow Pages, get your address and visit your business, or call you up to talk to you if they had any questions about your business.

That was then.

Now, the reality is that a lot of people don’t even have landlines or phone books and if their fingers do any walking, they’re walking over a computer or smart phone keyboard and firing up a search engine to find your website. And, when they get to your website, they expect to find the answers to their questions about your business there on your website.

So, it’s pretty important that whether you’re providing your product or service to the world or just to your own hometown, you have an online presence. What happens if you don’t have an online presence? Well, if someone’s using Google to find all the bakeries in your area and you own a bakery and you’re not online, hmm… Guess they’re not going to know about you, are they? Not good.

Cover Your Bases

Include a blog on your website to interact with clients, share your expertise, talk about your business and to let your clients get to know you. Create a Twitter account to develop a following and keep those followers up to date on specials, sales and new products or services being offered by your company. A Facebook fan page is another great way to connect to the public and promote your business.

Maybe you already know all of this and have a website, Twitter or Facebook account? If so, great! But, maybe you’re just too busy doing what you do best – making money at your business – to have the time to properly manage all of it.

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