Testimonials: An Ageless Marketing Strategy

Testimonials: An Ageless Marketing Strategy provides examples from 1869 to stress the importance of this book marketing tool.

During the course of my research into Victorian houses, I found another old book today on Archive.org.

Hints on Household Taste title page

The book itself, Hints on Household Taste by Charles Eastlake, looks like an interesting read and may be very helpful, but as I scrolled through the PDF file, what first caught my attention, were the “Opinions of the Press” listed before the Table of Contents.

Hints on Household Taste reviews1

Hints on Household Taste reviews2
In case you missed it in the first image, this book was published in 1869!

So, there you have it! Publishers have been using this tactic to sell books for a very long time which, to me at least, indicates that it must work?

What are your thoughts on the subject? Have you used testimonials and book reviews to market your books?

Photo credit: Pixabay