25 e-Card Sites to Use Personally and Professionally

25 e-Card Sites to Use Personally and Professionally lists twenty-five e-card sites offering paid and/or free e-cards that you can use for special occasions or just to say thanks.

Sunday is Mother’s Day in North America and many of us are selecting gifts and cards appropriate for the occasion.

I like to send e-cards and not just for Mother’s Day. I have a subscription to an e-card site that produces some lovely cards for many different occasions and some for no occasion at all that can be sent just because. I use e-cards not only for family and friends but also, sometimes, for clients to commemorate a special occasion in their lives such as an accomplishment like a book launch, or a birthday. You could also use e-cards to thank people who reviewed your book, guest posted on your blog, or allowed you to guest post on their blog as part of a book launch.

So today I thought I’d share with you a list of e-card sites that you, too, can use. Some of these sites are free and others charge a subscription fee. A few of the sites listed below offer both free and paid e-cards.

e-Card Sites

  1. Jacquie Lawson
  2. Blue Mountain
  3. Hallmark e-Cards
  4. card karma
  5. DaySpring
  6. Jib Jab
  7. Nature Canada
  8. American Greetings
  9. 123 Greetings
  10. Someecards
  11. Rattlebox
  12. Smilebox
  13. MoMA
  14. Ojolie
  15. Celebrations
  16. Care2
  17. Punchbowl
  18. Just Wink
  19. Doozy Cards
  20. Regards.com
  21. E-Cards
  22. WWF Free e-Cards
  23. The Nature Conservancy
  24. Fleeting Greetings
  25. SOS Children’s Villages

Do you have a favourite site that should be added to the list? If so, let me know in the comments.

Photo credit: Pixabay