5 LinkedIn Groups for Writers

5 LinkedIn Groups for Writers discusses the differences between open and members only groups on LinkedIn and lists five groups for writers.

LinkedIn can be a great place to connect with people you know through your professional associations, but did you know that you can join discussion groups through LinkedIn related to writing, editing and publishing?

Groups can be either “open” or “members only.”

In both cases you have to have a LinkedIn account to join a LinkedIn group.

Differences Between Open and Members Only Groups

Open groups
Information discussed in open groups can be accessed through search engines and shared on Twitter, Facebook and similar social media sites.

Members only groups
Information exchanged on members only groups is only accessible by members of the group and cannot be shared on social media.

Each group has an owner. This is usually the person who starts the group who establishes the specific focus and the rules for that group. The groups allow for discussion and promotion (see the rules), and you can quickly determine by selecting the “Members” option for the group, if any of your LinkedIn connections belong to the group. You may also search through the discussions if you’re looking for a particular topic.

LinkedIn Groups for Writers

  1. Book Writing, Self Publishing, and Marketing for Business People – This group has 12,000+ members and offers connections and advice related to writing, marketing and publishing your book.
  2. All things writing, journaling, creative, non-fiction, blogging – This networking group of nearly 9,000 members offers information and support to all kinds of writers.
  3. Let’s Talk About Writing – This group discusses the craft of writing including the actual writing process and techniques, editing, illustrations, etc. There’s just shy of 6,000 members in this group.
  4. The Craft of Writing Fiction – This group discusses the general aspects of writing fictions such as plot, characters, etc. It has nearly 2,000 members.
  5. StyleWriter 4 Really Readable Writing! – This group is devoted to practising plain English by doing the “Readable Writing CHALLENGE.” So if your writing skills need a bit of help, this group might be just the ticket. It has 1,000+ members.

You can find more information about finding a group on LinkedIn here.

Or, why not start your own group?

Do you belong to any LinkedIn groups or think you might join one? Tell me in the comments.

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