The Writer’s Knowledge Base: A Free and Valuable Resource for Writers

The Writer’s Knowledge Base: A Free and Valuable Resource for Writers discusses an amazing free resource for writers created by Elizabeth S. Craig and Mike Fleming.

Today I thought I’d share a great resource for writers. It’s called the Writer’s Knowledge Base and it’s been put together by author Elizabeth S. Craig and Mike Fleming, creator of Hiveword, a web-based novel organizer.

Elizabeth had the idea for a knowledge base based on tweets and discussed this in a blog post in 2010Writing Links Archiveā€”an Experiment. Mike had an idea for a collecting links to great articles mentioned in tweets and between them they came up with the Writer’s Knowledge Base: The Search Engine for Writers was born.

Elizabeth collects the links from the hundreds of writing-related websites she monitors and tweets them out. Mike does the behind the scenes technical stuff to make the knowledge base site accessible to everyone online. And, we all benefit from this collaboration!

So What Can We Find in the Knowledge Base?

Lots of good stuff!

How about 3189 articles on author platform? Or, how about 5825 links to articles on point of view, 571 links for ghosts, or 187 articles on forensics for crime writers?

This is just a sample of what’s available through the database and remember, it is continually growing.

Writer’s Knowledge Base Links

Here are all the links you need to follow Elizabeth and Mike:

Writer’s Knowledge Base page

Elizabeth: Mystery Writing is Murder
Mike: Hiveword Blog

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Photo: Pixabay