3 Free Social Media Update Scheduling Options

3 Free Social Media Update Scheduling Options provides a quick rundown on Buffer, Hootsuite and Socialoomph.

Updating our social media accounts can take a lot of time, especially if we do the updates live. But, there are alternatives to posting live updates that can not only save you time but can also make it easy to stay organized.


  • Works with Facebook Pages, Facebook Profiles, Facebook Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn Company Pages, App.net Profiles and Google+ Pages.
  • Buffer offers analytics so you can track the popularity of your updates.
  • You pre-determine the times that you want your updates to be posted then, using an app or browser extension, add content, determine which profiles get what content, and Buffer will send out the updates at those predetermined times.


  • Works with Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr and more but you are only permitted to use up to three profiles with the free version of Hootsuite.
  • You can add one update at a time.
  • Works with apps and browser extensions to make updates fast and easy.
  • Offers basic analytics with the free account.


  • Only works with Twitter for the free account, but the professional account also works with Facebook, LinkedIn and Plurk.
  • Allows you to update up to 5 Twitter accounts.
  • You can only post one update at a time.

There are pros and cons to the free versions of each of these utilities. If you do decide to schedule your tweets, don’t forget to do some live interaction on social media, too!

Photo credit: Freedigitalphotos.net